What You Get:

When you buy meat directly from our farm, you: 

  • Give healthy animals happy lives
  • Eat flavor-full food - I mean, just check out the marbling on our pork!
  • Buy meat free from GMOs, antibiotics, and pesticides (...as free as can be in the world) 
  • Help improve the local environment, because our farming practices: 
    • Create habitat for diverse plants, insects, and animals
    • Improve soil health and reduce runoff, in turn improving water quality 
    • Do not allow more animals on a piece of land than it can support 

We understand that it is often a financial sacrifice to eat meats like we produce, especially in this economic environment. We really get it; we are a big family of athletes and second supper-ers. But it is our mission to produce healthy, environmentally responsible meat in a way that makes it feasible for as many people as possible to eat: 

  • Your price is guaranteed, if you make a deposit by March 18th - no matter what inflation does. (Without a deposit, if our costs exceed the list price, you may choose to pay cost or reduce your order.) 
  • We offer some flexibility in bulk-ordering. Give us a call and we'll work with you on payment schedules.
  • You have security, knowing the meat will be yours (pre-order by February 25th) - no worry about shortages.