Of the Land

Regenerative, Humane, Ecological Farming
- with Pride and Love -

Now Accepting 2023 Pre-Orders!!

When Anne and John (the Gray) got married, they dreamt of a field and barn instead of a lawn and picket fence.

After many years of searching, waiting, and learning through urban farming, they purchased land in Cedarburg, WI. Now, they and their four adult children are happy stewards of 20 acres. Their son John (the Tall) is the primary farmer, spearheading the effort to bring our delicious food to your table.

Welcome to Of the Land Farm!

Using the best regenerative, ecological, humane methods, we raise all-but organic (everything but the label) chickens, ducks, turkeys, rabbits, pigs, sheep, and goats, and, most importantly, pasture!

All our animals are pasture-fed, and most are pasture-raised.

What You Get:

What You Get:

It took us a long time to get to this point, and we look forward to sharing the fruits of our labors with you and your family. (Spoiler: Read more for price guarantees and payment flexibility)



On our urban farm, our laying hens got a lot of attention. These days, we raise chickens (meat & eggs), ducks (meat & eggs), and the best turkeys!



On our urban farm, our first foray into animal farming was rabbits. These days, we cross-breed American Sables to help preserve the historic, rare Sable.

  • Cedarburg, Wisconsin, United States

If you want to order "a few" things - email us. We'll send you a form to make it easier! We accept pre-orders with deposit; for your deposit is received before 3/18/23, we guarantee that price. Otherwise, if costs exceeds the expected price, you may choose to pay cost or reduce your order.

John the Tall

Farmer / Certified in Pasture-Based Livestock Managment, BSE

John the Tall fell in love with farming after joining the 4-H rabbit project. Since then, he attended the Farm and Industry Short Course at UW-Madison, where he focused on pasture and livestock management. Naturally, he directs all things pasture, striving to improve local biodiversity while growing the healthiest forage. He is excited to raise healthy, delicious meat for you and your family!


Owner, Manager / APNP, FNP-BC, NFP-C, IFM-C

Anne is a nurse practitioner specializing in functional medicine. The decline in pollinators affected her ability to grow food for her family, reinforcing how the health of our world / food is essential to our own health and well-being. This resulted in finding ways to “farm” in the city, including bee-keeping. As we have grown, her contributions to the farm center on soil and animal health and well-being, as well as creating metrics to evaluate and improve farming methods and efficiency.

John the Gray

Investor, Farm Hand / MBA, USAR-LtC(R)

John the Gray is a life insurance underwriter with a degree in English literature. He loves the farm - the idea of the farm, looking out over the land, and doing his part to keep equipment running and creatures growing. He looks forward to the day we are able to resume beekeeping - hopefully soon!


Farm Hand / CNA

Edward is an engineering student and the manager of an acapella group. He enjoys working with the animals and providing manual labor. He hopes to someday be able to provide small-scale butchering for local farmers like us.


Dietitian, Farm Hand / RD

Sarah enjoys using her dietary knowledge to support the farm effort - and driving the tractor and participating in community labor days (construction projects, tree planting/care days, and more). She finds peace and awe in agricultural endeavors. Any recipes shared from our farm are Sarah-tested and family-approved!


Data Scientist, Farm Hand / MS

Katie loves getting out on the farm to be another pair of hands on big projects, and making animals happy - and keeping the humans happily fed! Also a pencil farmer, Katie works on our marketing and is slowly building tools to help small farms like ours become data-driven for economic sustainability.